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I create video projects and campaigns that connect emotionally with viewers, spreads the message and builds audience. It's a privilege to create stories that are energetic and foster positive change.

Narrative Documentary

It's collaborative. Each project begins with a consultation with the client to create a brief that shapes the story through narration, character and location.

Once recording is completed clients are able to comment on the video under construction. When all comments are addressed, the final edit is completed for delivery and distribution through a variety of platforms and channels.

Live Streaming Content

Live streaming video is the most engaging form of video. Our live productions have the look and feel of large productions but without the huge expense.

An online video channel is one of the quickest ways for organisations to spread their message and grow their influence. With the capability of a television studio in a laptop and using iPhones as remote camera opens a world of opportunity - literally! It's a powerful way to use social media.

Tiny Website Construction

Your website is a virtual window onto the world and is at the centre of your digital life. One of the first questions asked when meeting someone for the first time is, "Do you have a website?"

The best reason to have your website as you content hub is that it is the only media you own and that is independent on decisions of a third party providers.
Begin With The End In Mind.
Dr. Stephen R. Covey
I work with small business, NGOs, government departments, associations, Art Centres, Dance Companies and private individuals. Every project is a learning experience that makes me want to do the very best I can for my clients.
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Making Videos With Us.

Making a video always starts in the same way - with the end in mind. We take a simple and direct approach that is meets the creative challenges head on and is also a lot of fun. Our style is people oriented and that make a personal connect with the audience. Every organisation and every business has a story and every story can be told in many different ways. We work with and alongside our clients to express their passion and celebrate their authenticity.

The initial consultation will determine the overall style and approach. Once the format has been decided research gets under way to determine the visual language that will be used to convey the message. The research and visualisation of the video is completed before picking up a camera while keeping an eye during the shoot for opportunities that were not predicted. Read my Development & Production and How I Work pages to see if we make a good partnership.

If you are ready to start rolling, contact me with you project concept and what you are looking for.


Youtube is a great platform to build your audience. It is the second biggest search engine on the internet and has close integration with Google. And it's free. It is the ideal choice when your audience is searching for your type product or service and can be found by searching its location.

Using "teaser" videos on Facebook and Instagram is part of an excellent strategy to grow audience by search and by social sharing.

It is a great way position and present a call to action revenant to your service or business.


A video with highly relevant content offers great value to the viewer. The Attention-Grabber style of video dives into more detail than the familiar YouTube video. It is structured as a "How to…" or "Step by Step" process giving the viewer practical information they can implement straight away and solve a problem.

Building an Attention Grabber channel is a proven way to grow a following and build a business or grow a community.

This type of video can be informal and produced with a mobile phone or it can have high production value with graphics and pre-recorded video produced on a professional studio. Many TV style shows and channels use this format. It works for just about any kind of business or organisation.


This type of video focuses on an offer with a strong call to action. It establishes authenticity and it explains the what and how of benefits for someone taking up the offer.

It usually includes social proof of the effectiveness of the offering by outlining recent success stories.

Finally, a call to action encourages viewers who see a "good fit" for them to make a decision to continue to the next step of the path that has been described.

When streamed live the Facebook video enjoys the added benefit of free promotion from Facebook plus the ability to boost reach to a wider audience through paid advertising at low rates.
One has only to know and trust and the ageless guardians will appear.
Joseph Campbell - The Hero With A Thousand Faces

When you love what you do, expect the unexpected!

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People feel compelled to share videos they like and will keep coming back to those channels that provide content they enjoy. Video works:

  • watching just 3 seconds of video increases recall up to 80% for the next 24 - 48 hours over other media. The longer people view there stronger the recall.
  • The amount of information that video can deliver is exponentially greater than text
  • there are many types of videos each with a particular purpose; documentary, company story, product story, product release, behind the scenes etc.
  • most content platforms prioritise video over text and images, extending reach and building audience
  • Most live streaming platforms extend you potential audience with no added cost
  • Videos are ideal for extending your reach on social networks through paid advertising
  • Your videos, like your website, express your values, style and personality better than other media
  • videos are available everywhere, on just about every communications device and are also available in contexts where other media is not practical.


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