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We love storytelling and the techy stuff that makes stories come alive.

Carol Omer

I am an Artist and Certified Life Coach

I specialise in coaching for creativity and creating women's empowerment tools.
My Mandala coaching-colouring book, The Big Girls Little Coloring Book, is published in several languages and is used as a stress relief and relaxation tool by women across the globe.

My work takes me into many different settings:
Along with facilitating Women's Colouring and Conversation circles in community settings and domestic violence shelters along, I also host The Art of Change program for staff training and team building.

I Work Cross Culturally

For many years I was on the board of an Aboriginal Women’s Domestic Violence Service and a facilitator in Aboriginal women’s healing camps. My work also takes me into CALD (Culturally And Linguistically Diverse ) communities where I deliver the Art of Change program to women recovering from trauma.

I am a Social Artist

Social Artistry draws on the work of Dr Jean Houston and engages creativity, innovation, imagination and action to facilitate personal and social change.

I am also inspired by the work of Carl Jung, Anita Roddick, founder of
The Body Shop as well as the thousands of women I have met in shelters who are journeying through change.

A bit more about me:

  • I was born in England and came to Australia in the 60’s as part of the British migration campaign. My roots are Celtic and I am on a journey to discover more about our ancestry.
  • As a child of the 60’s I believe that the revolutionary message of love, peace and unity is more important now than at any other time in history.
  • As a migrant child I learnt to adapt to change very quickly and after going to three different high schools I find it very easy to embrace new settings and meet new people.
  • Qualifying as a Life Coach was important to me. I have been creating personal development programs in women’s shelters for many years and the coaching process has fabulous tools and processes to take personal development and goal setting to a whole new level!
  • I have been a vegetarian for most of my life after making the decision at 19. I am an advocate for compassionate animal management but respect each person's freedom to make their own diet and lifestyle choices.
  • Before working in women’s shelters I was a youth worker for many years. I had been a teenage runaway (long story) and my lived experience of chaotic teenage years gave me the insight and understanding to develop personal development programs. They were extremely well received in our shelter.
  • In my 20’s I travelled overseas alone to live and work in London. This was a turning point for me in recognising that strangers can quickly become friends and life long connections are made when we open our hearts to the stories and life experiences to others.
  • I'm very happily married to a wonderful man who is a fabulous cook! I am a step mother to David’s fabulous daughters and have enormous respect and fondness for their Mum! I am very grateful that I have been given the opportunity to be a step mother and to have been embraced so warmly by my husbands first wife!
  • I have chickens, an organic vegetable garden and a husband who loves to cook and last but by most means least, my kitties Purrly and Junipurr are a joy to share my life with!

David Salomon

I'm a Storyteller

I heard stories every day when I was growing up and I love storytelling as much today as I did then. Stories are how we make sense of our lives and the world around us. We are "hard wired" for story. Everyone has a story.

I'm a Filmmaker

As well as making your film I can set up a live streaming channel for you that can grow your audience.

I'm a Web Designer

I do small to medium websites including ecommerce sites and shops. I use a free standing platform that is an alternative to online services which charge monthly fees.

I'm a Social Marketer

I like defining audiences and working out how to reach niche audiences. I do Facebook advertising, YouTube marketing and email community building.
  • I was born in Toowoomba, Queensland. My grandparents emigrated from Germany in the late 1890's.
  • I grew up on a cereals and beef farm on the Darling Downs with horses, bikes and bare feet. It was great!
  • I went to boarding school in Toowoomba. I didn't like that so much, but I got a solid education where I developed an broad interest in a lot of different things. I am still curious about how things work. People too.
  • I completed a degree in natural sciences and then a teaching qualification at UNSW and Sydney Teachers College.
  • I studied Herbal Medicine with Dorothy Hall. It opened my eyes and I learned to look at the world in a new way. I had a private practice for some years that I enjoyed immensely.
  • I became a teacher and was the tetchy guy and organised a circus that performed in hospitals and public events. I worked with Aboriginal kids and began to become aware of Australia's shadow history. It has been an abiding interest ever since and has motivated much of my filmmaking.
  • I did a Masters in Social Ecology at UWS and got to see the world from many different perspectives and appreciate the many geniuses of different cultures, especial First Nations.
  • Dr. Jean Houston was instrumental in me bringing together my many things interests in philosophy, culture, human capacities training into social artistry and realise the untapped potential of the mind.
  • I became a filmmaker, travelled a lot and met fascinating people and recorded their stories. I make training films, promotions and documentaries too.
  • I'm a dad and granddad and have 3 beautiful daughters and 6 grandchildren. They come from a different time to me but I can still keep up, nearly.
  • I met my wife at Mystery School. What a blast.
  • I love to cook…and garden.
  • I'm a Mac guy and have been from the beginning. I can do a lot of cool stuff on the computer.
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