Planning a project

Making the three stages of pre-production, production and post production as simple and straightforward as possible is important. Collaboration on visualisation, planning the shoot and distribution make filmmaking enjoyable, stimulating and satisfying.

1. Consultation

I send you a link for an online video call or we meet in person for a free consultation.

Prior to the meeting I will send you a questionnaire to briefly sketch out your project.

This consultation establishes an outline of the brief and whether we are a good match for the project

After the meeting I will begin to write up an outline to clarify the scope of the work.

2. Proposal

The proposal is a specification for the film. It is a working document that builds up the details as we work towards the production phase. It will include:
  • The audience and purpose of the film
  • Running time
  • the style of the film
  • where the content comes from and who creates it
  • the location and scheduling of the shoot
  • How many revisions are included in the total cost
  • The expected time frame of production
  • Notes about distribution and how I can promote your film with social media channels
  • The quote

The proposal will set out the tools that will be used to collaborate and may include:
  • Trello for project management
  • Vimeo for frame accurate commenting on the video at various stages of production
  • Vimeo On Demand for paid online distribution
  • MimoLive for Television Studio style live streaming
  • Mimocall for integrating a live online video into a live stream
  • Tumult Hype for creating web banners
  • iBook Author for creating multi-touch eBooks for iPad and iPhone
  • Various online marketing tools

3. Agreement

The agreement is a simple document that includes:
  • Business names
  • The project name
  • The scope and terms if changes are requested
  • Milestones and deliverables
  • Payment schedule and fees
  • Signatures

If everything looks good to you we can set a date and begin the work together

4. Project

Every project has distinct stages:
  • Research and discovery
  • Create a film outline
  • Consideration of imagery, narrative and sound track, including graphics and overlays
  • Production - the shoot itself and recording of video and audio material
  • Edit and review. We use Vimeo as a frame accurate comping platform
  • Titling and credit roll
  • Creation of banners and graphics for digit delivery, or inserts, labels and packaging for physical discs.
  • Delivery Online, by USB or DVD

5. Launch

Depending on the audience and intent of the video you may plan a public launch:
  • prepare a screener format for projection
  • technical rehearsal
  • Social Media promotion